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n. a strong desire or impulse to explore the world

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Northern Europe

A cruise based tour deeply exploring 4 Northern European countries

Catalina Island, CA

A romantic escape or family holiday, book a custom guided golf cart tour!

Pacific Paradise

Get a taste of 10 Pacific Islands on this. remarkable adventure!

Departing soon…

Check back frequently for our featured last minute trip ideas when you just need a break!

Custom Trips, Local Guides

We delve deep into the culture of each region to bring you the local flavors of the destination you visit. Our small group trips are tailor-made to celebrate the customs, traditions and arts each stop has to offer. Meet different people, cultures, celebrations and landscapes. We’ve done all the googling, review reading, logistics planning, and activity booking.  Get yourself there and we take care of the rest. 

VIP Tours – go behind the scenes

Our groups trips go beyond the average into the amazing with special rendezvous that make memories worth sharing.

What People Say

I knew we were going to visit a chocolate factory in Switzerland, but our behind the scenes candy bar making experience was beyond special.

William & Megan J.

We are here to help

The web can’t do it all, sometimes you need a real human with decades of experience to navigate the details and create a stress-free journey.

A note about travel concerns and disease…

We extend our sympathy to all who are affected by Covid-19 and any illness which limits your enjoyment of life and travel. We do not advise those with preexisting conditions, who are susceptible to experiencing more sever symptoms of any potential disease to plan travel without consulting their doctor. For US Government International Travel Advisories click here.